Planning Your Life in Your New Home.

Building a new home is one of the thrills of a lifetime. You get the opportunity to have everything just the way you want it without having to settle for things as they are the way you would with a previously owned home. You will never regret taking the time to put some thought and energy into planning for your lifestyle in your brand new home.

Check out our list of a few things to consider when choosing finishes for your new home:


  • ceramic or stone tile – Durable, good-looking and relatively easy to care for but cold underfoot and unforgiving of dropped dishes.
  • carpeting – Soft and comfortable underfoot, wide range of prices, tends to trap dirt and allergens so not great for allergy-sufferers. The one exception is stairs, since carpeting makes them safer for kids.
  • hardwood floors – Long lifespan thanks to the ability to refinish, relatively more expensive than most options unless you consider their longevity, but can be scratched by pet’s feet and dirt trapped on the soles of shoes. Not moisture-friendly.
  • engineered hardwood floors – Less expensive than solid hardwood and just as good-looking. A little more moisture tolerant than solid wood.
  • laminate or vinyl flooring – Inexpensive, attractive choices.

Plan for Good Storage

  • closets – Good closet organization can almost double its capacity to store things.
  • pantries – The old-fashioned pantry is back because let’s face it, who doesn’t need more kitchen storage? Alternatively, you can install pantry pull-outs.
  • cabinets – Outfit your kitchen cabinets with pull-out shelves for easy access, and consider deep drawers for efficient storage too.
  • built-ins and shelving – Use under-stair and vertical space, both of which are often wasted.

Planning for Pets

  • pet feeding – Avoid pet food spills by creating a niche in the kitchen to tuck away pet bowls.
  • pet nooks and indoor pet places – Pets, especially dogs like to have a safe space to retreat to when they’re upset, nervous or just want to nap. Cats like nooks and providing them with a scratching post and specially designed places to climb goes a long way toward keeping them from scratching your furniture and climbing your draperies.
  • litter box hide-away – Keep an unsightly litter box out of sight by putting a cat-sized pet door into a closet, mud room or laundry room.

With a little forethought, you can make your home both beautiful and functional for years to come! And if you’re still thinking about building new rather than settling for what’s on the market, contact us.


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