Adding Interest to Your Child’s Room.

If your child’s room feels a bit ordinary and uninspiring, try one of the many new design trends out there to spruce it up. One interesting way that you can dramatically change the aesthetic appeal of a child’s room is simply by adding more color. Color not only creates visual interest, but it stimulates a child’s imagination and creativity.

Below are just a few examples of the many ways you can add interest and spruce up your child’s space!

Wall Treatments
Select one wall as an accent wall and paint it a different color than the rest of the room or use wood or stacked stone to make it stand out. Another option is to select wallpaper with an interesting geometric pattern. If your child collects posters, choose one wall to
ffpohio-74hang them on, then arrange and overlap them so they look like actual wallpaper instead of separate hangings. For something they’ll really love, try a wall mural that displays an outdoor scene, or an outer space theme, or even a mural that looks like an aquarium.



Ceiling Treatments
For a unique look, paint the ceiling to appear like the sky with fluffy white clouds. Maybe even add a flock of birds flying over. Or paint a large portal on the ceiling that looks out at the ocean and its creatures. Your child will feel as if they’re underwater, viewing the sea! You can even add a ceiling mural that looks like a skylight or a viewing screen of the constellations.

Room Accents
Storage bins are a great way to add color around your child’s room. Pick one color or multiple colors for each storage bin and stack them in groups along one or more walls or at the end of the bed. Choose a neutral-colored, solid quilt or spread, and then fill the bed with decorator pillows in different colors. With the neutral spread, you’re able to choose any colors that you want and they won’t clash. Choosing pillows with a variety of designs is also easier with a solid spread. Add a colorful throw rug beside the bed to complete the look.

Window Accents
Whether you have blinds on your windows or not, you can dress up the windows in your child’s room by adding colorful curtains. For a boy’s room, try curtains that include a sports motif or curtains with a multi-colored design. For a girl’s room, consider sheer pastel curtains that stand alone or combine them with a complementary solid-colored curtain for even more appeal.


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