Room of the Week | Kitchens.

Your kitchen is arguably the most used and hardest working room in the house.  You’ve undoubtedly planned for good storage, easy-access and a comfortable and efficient work area. But despite your best efforts, there’s always room for improvement.

Household gurus, chefs and ordinary folks are always coming up with innovative ways to improve storage, make cooking easier, or compensate for bothersome shortfalls. These kitchen design hacks often make use of things not originally intended for the kitchen but end up providing surprisingly helpful fixes nonetheless.

Take a look at a few clever solutions to common kitchen design problems.

  • Small kitchen? No problem! You can make a small kitchen look larger with a mirrored backsplash. Mirrors are easy to clean, reflect light and fool the eye into perceiving more space than is actually there. You can have mirrors custom-cut to fit the entire wall behind counters, or use mirrored tiles to do the job, depending on your budget.
  • Want an island but there’s no space? If your kitchen is too small or narrow for a traditional island, try using a nice console table instead. Console tables usually have a shelf where you can store large items such as stock pots or large serving pieces. Have the top replaced with marble to create a kitchen-friendly work space.
  • Take the kitchen chalkboard trend to a whole new level by using a magnetic primer underneath the chalkboard paint. Then besides jotting down phone numbers and making grocery lists, you can add colorful magnets to display photos, greeting cards, appointment reminders and more.
  • Turn a kitchen drawer into a storage workhorse by installing dividers to maximize its efficiency. You can employ the same strategy for cupboards by installing pull-out shelves to improve access to items stored in the back and prevent having to rummage through stacks of pots and pans or straining to reach a mixer or a blender.

When you’re planning a new home, you try your best to anticipate all of your needs to make your kitchen work efficiently. Trust Oberer Homes to guide you and suggest some design plan “hacks” to make your new kitchen and every part of your new home all you want it to be! Contact us to learn how our 65+ years of building experience will ensure you get the home you’ve been dreaming of.


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