Seven Paint Colors to Fall in Love With in 2017.

Color is one of the easiest, most effective (and cheapest) ways to transform the decor in your home. Color trends change over time but keeping up doesn’t have to be a pain.

Here are 7 on trend colors to consider when painting your home.

Alabaster White
Whites are back, but the most popular whites aren’t stark or mellow. Alabaster combines warm and cool whites to create a pleasing, understated color. You can use Alabaster almost anywhere; it’s pretty in bedrooms, bathrooms and other personal, soothing spaces.

Vintage Pink
When you want a trendy neutral, vintage pink is the way to go. This is a pale pink with hints of beige or even gray. Use this soft, pretty pink to bring character to a living room or other space where people gather to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

Slate Blue
Slate blue is a great blue that got its name from the slate used in landscaped patios and walkways. It’s a blue mixed with a lot of gray. This is best used in the kitchen and entryway. It provides a hint of traditional living that gives a sophisticated flair to country decor.

Gorgeous lavender is back and taking its place among popular paint trends. The color was named for the lovely lavender flowers that bloom in the spring. Choose a soft lavender to give a romantic style to bedrooms and bathrooms. It looks beautiful with white trim and accents.

Army Green
This olive green is no longer just for use in the military. It is beautiful on walls and creates an earthy backdrop for lovely wooden furniture and accents. Try using olive green in a formal dining room or in an office or library. It works very well in a masculine space.

Creamy Yellow
Choose a creamy yellow to create a feeling of joy in your home. This color can be a happier, softer alternative to white or ivory. You can use this yellow in the living room, a bedroom, a bathroom or the kitchen. It is pretty when used with pops of red or pale blue.

Last but certainly not least, our personal favorite: Gray. Gray is huge in all shades and tones. You can choose a gray with lots of blue to create a comforting environment, or go bold with an entire wall in dark gray. You can basically use grays in any room. Contrast them with yellows in the bedroom or even silver and black in a formal setting.

Which of these seven trendy paint colors would you want to use in your home?  What other colors have you reaching for the roller?


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