Room of the Week | Dining Room.

More and more, homes are leaning towards not having a formal dining room, opting instead for an informal “dining area” off the kitchen. No matter what your personal preference is in the great dining room debate, we can all agree that the dining space is widely used for family meals and entertaining.  And with the holiday season fast approaching, what better time to look at a few ideas to jazz it up?

Whether your dining area is simply a box-like a room with a table in it or a space off to the side, shared with your living room, there are a few fun design trends to consider:

An Accent Wall
Choose one wall next to your table and paint it a bold color that will catch the eye (check out some neat color ideas here). Doing this on one wall makes it stand out, giving the area a little more pop. If you want something even more eye-catching, try a patterned wallpaper, pallet wood, or even stacked stone for a truly memorable look.

Instead of a common chandelier, try a different type of lighting — the more unique, the better. Depending on the decor of your home, you could try stained glass for a vintage feel, multiple hanging pendants for a modern look, or even an antler light fixture made from naturally shed antlers, which fits perfectly in with a rustic decor. The most important part is to make it you!

Table Options
To give your table additional interest, replace one side of chairs with a bench. This saves space, creates fun seating for children and young adults, and increases the number of people you can seat at the table. If you have a dining table leaf, try staining it a different color than your table for added appeal or paint the leaf an interesting color.

Centerpieces and Place Settings
Now comes the really fun part! You can go big or go small, go simple or go all out. Whatever you decide to do, just make sure you stick with a theme (whether that be a color scheme or a design element). Too many varying pieces can really detract from the beauty of the overall design and concept. Above all, remember, this is all about you and your style so you should have fun planning it!


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