Room of the Week | Media Room.

Watching television and movies is one of the most popular activities around these days, so why shouldn’t you do it in style right in your own home? If you have an unused space or a spare room in your home, consider turning it into a comfortable media area for your quiet nights in. Here are a few ideas and design trends that you can use to create the perfect media room.

Comfortable Seating
A relaxing place to lounge when watching television or a movie is a must. Many media rooms use rows of leather chairs as their seating option. This is a trendy look, but it isn’t the only choice. If you want to also use the room as a general gathering place for family and friends, consider a large sectional couch instead, with several ottomans for people to put their feet up or a place to set snacks.

Media Equipment
To make the most of your media room, install the largest television or viewing screen that you have space for and can afford. Often we feel that a device is large enough, but after some use, we realize that we should have gone even larger. So don’t skimp if you have an area that will accommodate a better size. Mount the television on the wall if you can. If not, consider a media cabinet that is open on the top with storage beneath.

Ample Storage
If you own (or you want to own) an individual movie collection, you’ll need a convenient way to store and access the DVDs. A good way to do this is to simply set up several open bookshelves in the room to display your collection. You can label the shelves by genre to quickly find the type of movie you want to watch. Within each genre, arrange the movies alphabetically for easy access to specific titles. Remember to allow extra space as your collection will no doubt grow over time.

Wall Decorations
To make the room feel more like a movie theater, consider collecting and framing various movie posters from different genres to put on the walls. Highlight each poster with its own light for the best look. Wall sconces between each poster will add additional light while keeping the mood of the room cozy and comfortable feeling.

Movie Refreshments
Watching a movie isn’t the same without refreshments. If you have room for a bar in the room, it’s the perfect addition to complete your media room look. If not, even a small corner space will do. You just need enough room for a mini refrigerator to hold soda, a popcorn maker, and a shelf or two for some boxed candy.

Always base the design of your media room on your family’s needs and how you’ll want to use the space. The bottom line, this should be a fun, relaxing space that reflects your tastes. There are hundreds of options you can use to finish the space, if you can envision it, you can do it.

For more ideas on home designs and trends, please contact us today. We have more than 65 years of building experience and believe in principles of quality and integrity, as well as having a strong commitment to the local community here in Miami Valley.


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