Room of the Week | Florida Room.

Whether you’re purchasing a move-in ready home or designing a new home, consider the beauty and luxury of a four-season Florida room. A Florida room — also known as a sunroom — is a popular trend in homes all across the United States, Europe, Canada, and even Australia.

With a four-season Florida room, you can enjoy the outdoors while remaining protected from the elements. These rooms include superior insulation and use energy-efficient glass. This glass reduces radiant heat loss when it’s cold. When it’s hot, it reduces heat and ultraviolet rays from entering the room, so you’re comfortable all year around.

Just imagine sitting on a wicker sofa with thick, comfortable cushions or relaxing in a rocker, while you’re sipping on a refreshing drink and looking out a glass wall at your beautiful backyard. A new trend in many Florida rooms now is to include a skylight, so you can have even more light during the day and watch the stars at night.

In designing your Florida room, you have almost unlimited options. You might want to consider including drapery panels. This option adds versatility. You’ll be able to close off the room whenever you need privacy. Wicker is a traditional choice for furniture, but you’re not limited in decor materials since your space is totally enclosed. Although to keep the room feeling bright and airy, lighter colors work best. Remember not to clutter the room with too many pieces. You want this room to remain simple, clean, and serene.

With the temperature perfect year around, you can enjoy watching the rain in the spring and admiring the clear blue skies during the summer. You’ll marvel at the changing leaf colors throughout autumn and comfortably experience every beautiful snowfall in the winter.

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