Design Trends | Bonus Room.

If you’re building a home with a separate bonus room, or you already have a bonus room in your current home, you might wonder how to use that blank space most effectively. Several possibilities have probably already crossed your mind — such as using the room for a guest space, a home office, or an entertainment area for family and friends. These are all good choices, but you might also want to consider some other design trends for bonus rooms.

Hobby Room — If you’re a painter, a sculptor, do crafts, or are active in any creative venture, you know there’s never enough space for everything you need. A bonus room is a perfect place to hold your supplies. It also gives you a quiet area to work, away from others. You can set up long tables to work on, put down plastic on the floor if necessary, and fill the room with shelves and cabinets to keep things organized. The private space will help your imagination grow, spur unique ideas, and give you the ability to complete more projects.

Home Gym — Not many homes have space for good, exercise equipment. A bonus room would give you the dedicated area you’d need to set up a top-class gym. The equipment won’t get in the way or mess up the decor of another room. You won’t disturb anyone while you’re using a treadmill or clanging together weights. You can fill your bonus room with all of the exercise equipment that you’ve ever dreamed of owning.

Play Space — If you have children or grandchildren, a bonus room is ideal for setting up a true wonderland for the little ones. This type of space isn’t for the whole family, like a media or game room, but is specifically set up for when youngsters visit. Use bright colors on the walls and decorate the floor with colorful area rugs. Include a chalkboard, bean bag chairs, play tents, rocking horses, and anything else you can think of to keep them entertained for hours.

Storage Room — Maybe not an exciting choice, but no matter the size of your home, there’s never enough space to keep everything you’d like. With a bonus room, you can fill the space with wall-to-wall cabinets to store clothes that you don’t wear, but don’t want to give away. You can also store dry goods, cleaning products, paper supplies, holiday items, and anything else you need.

Having a bonus room in your home is a definite advantage. You can even change the room’s function and design over the years, as your needs change. For more room ideas and design trends, please contact us today. We build beautiful, quality residences and understand a little something about how to turn a house into a home!


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