Design Trends | Adding Interest to a Stairwell.

If you have a large, beautiful staircase and empty walls surrounding it, you’re probably struggling with the best way to decorate the area. You don’t want to overdo the decor so that it looks cluttered, but you also don’t want it to look too stark. For an interesting and sophisticated design, try something different from the usual photographs, paintings, or mirrors that you often see.

Here are a Few Unique Design Trends for Decorating a Stairwell:

Plaster Art — The beauty of art made of plaster is that you can find pieces in almost any shape or design. You can leave its natural color or paint the pieces any color that you need to match your decor. Try grouping small plaster pieces together in an interesting pattern. Mix and match sizes and styles. You can select geometric designs or choose designs shaped like flowers, trees, birds, or anything else of interest.

Glass Art — Artwork made of colored glass is a gorgeous addition to any home. Glass art can look like a stunning, stained-glass window. Glass art also comes in various shapes and hues. Choose colors that will complement your decor. Panels of matching glass art look lovely when hung in a staggered manner on a stairwell wall. Glass looks brighter than most other materials so dark stairwells, in particular, can benefit from glass art.

Metallic Art — Flat pieces of metal in various shapes and designs are perfect for any stairwell but work especially well in narrow spaces, because they don’t stick out from the wall as much as other art. The flatness will keep the area from feeling even more crowded. Gold-toned metal art, silver metal art, and bronze pieces are all common looks. Metallic art also comes in multiple colors if you want something with even greater interest. For an elegant look, try choosing pieces with delicate crystal or pearl accents.

Using just a few pieces of unusual art will make a bigger impact than completely filling every inch of your stairwell walls. For more design trends, please contact us today. We build custom houses and believe in using the best designs in all of our homes!


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