Room of the Week | Laundry Rooms that Make Us Swoon.

Dirty laundry is a fact of life, but how we deal with it is our choice. Think about your needs (apart from a washer and dryer). Dream big and come up with a list that reflects all your needs, for example …

  • a practical place to store dirty laundry
  • a place to fold it once it’s washed and dried
  • somewhere to hang hand washable items to drip-dry
  • a sink for hand-washing and pre-treating heavily soiled or stained items
  • a cupboard or shelving for storing detergent, bleach, fabric softener and the like
  • an attractive space without a lot of clutter
  • a place to store an ironing board and iron

Check out these 5 laundry room design trends and use them as inspiration for ideas that fit your space and budget:

  1. Room for everything and everything in its place. This laundry room uses a front-loading washer and dryer to free up space above for a folding table, then hides boxes and bottles away in cupboards. Note the handy sink too. And all of this fits perfectly along one wall!
  2. Fold-down drying racks are a great idea as is the vanity housing the sink which is a handy place to hide supplies.
  3. A narrow space is put to good use with a folding table, drying rack, cupboards for stashing supplies and even a niche for the laundry hampers with a closet pole above for hanging air-dry items.
  4. If all you’ve got is a closet, this one’s been put to good use. No sink, but it does include a folding table, a place to hang wet things and a couple of cupboard for stashing supplies.
  5. A galley-style laundry room with a sink, a long folding with a shelf below to stash laundry baskets, plus plenty of cupboards and drawers. All it’s lacking is a place for the ironing board (maybe it’s stashed to the left of the window somewhere?)

Let us help incorporate the laundry room of your dreams into your new home. We have more than 65 years of experience in building homes for people who dream big. Contact us to learn how we can help make your new home dreams come true!


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