Design Trends | How to Recreate Designer Looks Without Breaking the Bank.

If you pour through designer magazines lamenting the fact that many of the looks you love just aren’t doable on a limited budget, take heart! There are plenty of ways to create designer looks and trends without maxing out your credit cards or depleting your savings. Check out our list of ideas for inspiration:

Painting is one of the least expensive ways to dramatically change the look of a room, especially if you do it yourself. Paint an entire room or just an  accent wall and get a big impact for a small investment of time and money.


Another popular trend that we’re all about is using  wood to create an accent wall.

Use Your Resources!
There’s an old saying, “Many hands make light work”. Recruit friends and family to help with a do-it-yourself project such as removing old paneling, tiling a bathroom floor, or painting window trim. Be sure to feed them lunch and be prepared to lend a hand if and when they have a project in their own homes.

Shop Wisely
Don’t overlook secondhand shops, estate sales, and stores specializing in overstocks and less-than-perfect merchandise. It’s possible to snag great deals on slightly damaged items, floor models, or “seconds,” and nobody but you will ever know the difference.

Think Outside the Box
Save with stock items and customize them yourself. For example, buy stock cabinets and add moldings to the doors and slide-out shelves to the interiors to make them look like custom ones, for a lot less money.

Another idea: Buy a leftover roll of rich-looking wallpaper and trim it to fit an off-the-shelf mat and frame for an expensive-looking piece of art. Or buy a used piece of well-made furniture and refinish and re-upholster it yourself for a real statement piece

Mix — Don’t Match
Designers don’t “match” furniture (think living room or bedroom “set”). Not only is a matched look boring, but buying furniture sets is more expensive than putting together a creative, unmatched look. Decorate with diverse items and unify them using color, fabric, form or material.


You don’t have to be rich to create a rich-looking interior. You just need a little creativity, and a willingness to roll up your sleeves and get to work!

If you’re thinking about building a new home instead of buying a pre-existing one, contact us at Oberer Homes. We’ll help you build the home of your dreams, and with more than 65 years of experience behind us, we’re certain you won’t be disappointed with the result!


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