Room of the Week | Mud Rooms.

A mud room is a great concept that is quickly gaining popularity in new homes — a space to transition from the messy outdoors to the clean and tidy indoors. A really efficient mud room is a combination of careful planning and creative solutions. And it doesn’t have to be a full room dedicated to the cause; a quick search through the archives at will turn up some clever design trends that can fit any size room and budget!

  • A lot of people work outdoors and get dirty — sometimes really dirty! What do you need in your hardworking mud room? A place to sit to remove muddy shoes or boots, cubbies, drawers and shelves to corral shoes, mittens, hats, etc., lots of hooks for jackets and coats, and a durable floor for easy clean up. They even thought of a trash bin for tossing junk mail and the “stuff” that accumulates in the car.
  • This modern mud room has it down to a science. Individual spaces for each family member with seating area, roomy drawer, a place to stash boots below, and even an outlet for depositing and charging the now-obligatory smart technology!
  • refined mud room still has all the prerequisites, and includes a free-standing closet/locker with ventilation, a great idea to prevent odor buildup from wet umbrellas or sports equipment.

An important mud room rule to abide by: Don’t let your mud room be a dumping ground for everything people don’t want to carry in to the house and put away. Space is usually limited, so you need to use it wisely. Using it as a catch all space will make it the room equivalent of your junk drawer in no time flat!

If you’re planning to build a new home, be sure to talk to our Sales Consultants about including a space for a mud room in your plans. It’s a tried and true way to keep the rest of your home muddy footprint-free! Contact Us today!


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