Design Trends | Going Green in 2017.

We’re not talking about that kind of green, though you should do that, too. We’re talking about how green is the color of choice for wall paint in 2017. If you’re not someone who has traditionally liked green, you might want to rethink this new design trend. Many gorgeous shades of this color exist and will look great on your walls. The secret is to know which shade to pick for different areas of your home.

Children’s Bedrooms
If you’re tired of the traditional pink, blue, or gender-neutral yellow in your children’s bedrooms, green is a great alternative. Select pastel green for a room with lighter decor or delicate furniture pieces. Select bright green for a room with darker or heavier-looking furnishings. Both shades of green will bring a feeling of freshness and the outdoors into your child’s room.

Eating Spaces
For a small eat-in kitchen area, try emerald-green walls. With white baseboard paint and a white ceiling, the entire area will pop. For a larger dining area, select the longest wall to paint emerald-green to add some color and style to the room. Using only one wall will incorporate a look of luxury without overwhelming or darkening the space.

Master Suite
A pale, sage green will look lovely on the walls of your master bathroom. This soft, relaxing color matches well with light-colored bath decor. To coordinate with the rest of your master suite, paint the wall behind your bed’s headboard the same color. This accent wall will bring the two areas together to create a very elegant look.

Recreation Spaces
For a recreation space or playroom, try neon green on the walls. This choice of color is a bold selection, but it will add fun and life to rooms made for entertainment. This color works especially well in areas where there’s limited natural light such as in a basement or in rooms with only one small window.

In 2017, going green in one or more rooms of your home will add a fresh, new look. For additional trends or design ideas, please contact us today. As custom builders with over 65 years of experience, we understand how beautiful designs can turn an ordinary house into a comfortable home.


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